About Us

The Inflatable Funhouse is a purpose-built Air Conditioned venue for kids to have 2 hours of exhausting and exhilarating fun. There is a wide range of inflatables for kids 14 years & younger, including a separate section for the 4 years & younger where parents can join in.

Our trained staff are on hand at all times to ensure safe and sensible play. This maximises the fun experience for all kids, where non-stop action is guaranteed!

Entry Fees

All children under 15 are welcome.

4 years old and younger


5 years old and older


Parent and bub 4 years old and younger


Spectators are FREE OF CHARGE
All Inflatable Funhouse participants must wear socks.


House Rules

1. Participants must be aged 14 years or younger except parents playing with their own 4 years & younger children.

2. All participants must wear socks. 

3. NO FOOD or DRINK is to be taken into the Playing Area.

4. Safe & Sensible conduct is required at all times.

5. Participants are kindly requested to respect the instructions of the Management & Floor Staff at all times.